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Western Red Cedar
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

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(Thuja plicata)

Type: Evergreen tree
Maximum height: 230' (typical full-grown height: 115')
Flower color: N/A
Habitat: partial sun to full sun
Edible: no
Toxic: No or unknown
Size: 1/2 gallon pot

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North American cedars are called "false cedars" and are more closely related to cypresses than true cedars. Western Red Cedar is a softwood that is resistant to rot. The wood is often used indoors because of its scent. The tree drops a lot of detritus and may not be suitable around flower beds or lawns, but the material can help build up soil. If damaged, the tree is easily infected with disease, or infested with insects, such as termites. This can create cavities used by birds or other wildlife, but also weakens the tree so that it may blow over in high winds. If you notice any damage, you should use tree paint to seal the damage and keep a watch for infestation. If infestation is found, the tree should be cut down.

Deer like to feed on young Western Red Cedar and the trees should be protected from them until they are at least 8' tall.

Note: About 5% of the population is allergic to the oils in Western Red Cedar.

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