Big Leaf Maple
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  • Big Leaf Maple
  • Big Leaf Maple
  • Big Leaf Maple

Big Leaf Maple


(Acer macrophyllum)

Type: Deciduous tree
Maximum height: 158' (typical full-grown height: 80')
Flower color: Yellow-green
Fall color: Yellow

Habitat: partial shade to full shade
Edible: yes
Toxic: No or unknown

Size: 1/2 gallon pot

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Also known as the Oregon Maple, these deciduous trees have leaves up to 18" (typically 10") across and are the tallest native maple trees. They flower in March just before the leaves bud. The paired seeds have long wings and spin like a helicopter rotor as they drop from the tree. The leaves turn bright yellow in the fall. In shady and protected areas, the trunks and larger branches tend to be covered in moss and licorice fern.

The sap can be used to make syrup, although the taste is different from the syrup made from sugar maples. The flowers and the insides of the seeds are also edible (they taste best when young). Deer and elk browse on the leaves and seedlings - thus the seedlings should be protected from these animals.

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